Red Wine Chicken Marinade

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

I like using this marinade for "fancy" Cornish Hens, butterflied and cooked on the grill!

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  1. Place ingredients into a jar, close lid tightly, shake well.
  2. Marinte chicken or cornish hens 2-4 hours, grill.
  3. You can use this marinade for roasting or broiling, too.
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This recipe was phenomenal. I made it a second time with a tbsp of Mild Seafood Sauce just to add a little more bite. Amazing.

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Well, this has got to be one great find!!! I already had pork fingers laid out for dinner, so when I saw this I decided to use it on the pork fingers instead of chicken. It works great!!! Thanks for the great recipe.

My daughter made this tonight. I am not going to rate, because she didn't follow directions completely. However, this marinade made the chicken turn a really unappealing purple color.